The most courageous act today is the separation of the spiritual from the physical.

Artist’s Statement
My work is about reality, Realism in its truest sense. But instead of using Realism as a tool to represent what is plainly in front of me my approach is from the perspective of what we don’t yet know, what we suspect but don’t have the confidence to assert, or it’s about exploring moments of reality so poignant we forget how to express them in the instant they’ve passed.

You have had these experiences. Moments where doubt fades and decision is instantaneous. Instants where thought is more firm than sinew. Fragments of realization, or joy, or creation, or love, or examination, or exhilaration, or, or, or. When you’re in that moment it’s infinite—but then somehow it passes by.

My work is about exploring reality, no doubt. Things that are, without question. Experienced by anyone. But which we still struggle to define, to express, or even to observe.

Solo Exhibitions

2018 – “Weightless Notes” Nocturnum Gallery, Bangor, ME

2016 – “Africa Imagined” Christine Sargent Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

Group Exhibitions

2023 – Beaming Sol, Lula Gallery, Kansas City

2015 – Christine Sargent Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

2014 – Gallery Neuronic, New York, NY

2014 – Laura Segil Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

2013 – The Barn Fine Art, Glendale, CA

2012 – Christine Sargent Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

Awards & Publications

2023 – Voyage KC

2014 – Best in Show, Prima Fiera Internazionale dell’Arte Digitale

2012 – Publisher’s Weekly

2012 – Glendale News Press

2011 – Illustrators of the Future Gold Award Winer

Notable Commissions

2018 – His Emminence Tsem Rinpoche

2014 – Universal Pictures

2012 – Hasbro


2006-2008 – Art Center College of Design

2001-2003 – Apprentice, Ken Helenbolt Studio

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