Photograph copyright Moriah Dawn

Photograph copyright Moriah Dawn

My Artistic Mission

I make art that inspires a different view of life.

You will change your life, first, by changing your view of it.

So I believe in, and create, work that offers an alternative view.

My Story

I have been an artist my entire working life. I began by illustrating for books, magazines, newspapers and other publications straight out of high school, at 18. While illustrating, I developed a taste for highly developed, skilled work with delicate execution. It was a great time, easy and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, at 23 I began to get ideas. These were the kind of ideas that bug you endlessly, they keep you up at night thinking, they nag and nag until you finally share them with someone. I made the decision that I would not be fulfilled, artistically, unless I did share them. So I donned the title, “Fine Artist” (by which I mean: Someone who shares their own ideas, visually). This idea was wildly at variance with the philosophy of an illustrator. It was hard. Damn hard.

With perseverance, I developed an entire body of concepts that I think are worthwhile to share. They’re here on my site, some of them. Others are still locked up in my sketch pad, awaiting their moment to be seen.

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Select Exhibitions, Awards and Press

2014 Group Exhibition at Segil Fine Art, Monrovia, CA

2013-2014 Granted a 3 month artist’s¬†residency in Lule√•, Sweden

2013 Group Exhibition @ Christine Sargent Fine Art, LA, CA

2012 Group Exhibition @ Christine Sargent Fine Art, LA, CA

2012 Double Finalist, Art Renewal Center Annual International Salon

2012 Best In Show, Group Exhibition @ Grifio Art Gallery

2011 Feature Article in Glendale News Press

2011 Winner, Illustrators of the Future International Competition

2011 Group Exhibition @ The Barn Fine Art, Montrose, CA

2011 Group Exhibition @ Segil Fine Art, Monrovia, CA

2010 Group Exhibition @ Reflect-Arts, NY, NY

2011 Cover of Publisher’s Weekly

2010 Feature Article, Montrose Patch Newspaper

2010 Feature Article, Voice of the Village Newspaper