Painted Study: The Old Man, He Laughed and Laughed


I painted this study to get a feel for the finished work it is associated with. I wasn’t working off an exact model or even a photograph and there were still some color choices to be made before I went to the finished piece, so this study was definitely in order.

The man’s hat, in particular, required some reworking, and, if you care to reference the final piece (click here), you’ll see what it is that did come out in the end.

These kind of painted studies are an integral step in my process, especially when not working from solid reference (such as a model or photographs), I have to develop the concept I have to this level before I can start on the finished piece.

Here’s some good stuff to know:

  • When you purchase this piece I will consult with you regarding framing and my team will custom frame it to your specifications. This service is included in the full price.
  • Oil on Canvas

Additional information

Dimensions 9.75 x 8.5 in

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