Self Portrait of the Artist Nico with his Hat Floating surrealism/magic realism alla prima oil painting by Artist Nico

My mission is to remind my viewers of the creative, the spiritual, the magical parts of life.


Surreal Magic Realism Oil Painting of A Relaxed Woman with Floating Hair by Artist Nico


Ibelieve that art, to be art, must communicate something to it's audience. It must make them feel, think or understand.



Surreal realist oil painting of a laughing bum with a floating hat

There has to be a perfect harmony between message and technique in any truely remarkable piece of artwork.




"I am subtly absorbed with intrigue, aesthetics and serenity. I am intrigued with an awakening sense of marvel and adoration for the aesthetics and serenity harmonizing within." R.H.

"[I feel] Peace/calmness, happiness & an overwhelming sense of gratitude to my love for commissioning it for me!" T.Y.


"The best part of owning these pieces is knowing they are an extension of you and your viewpoint. They are a communication from you even when you are not there." C.P.

 "Thanks for bringing me to such brilliant artwork I love this painting so much movement in it what a talent!" M.C.


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